Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm typing this in bed next to a very peaceful, handsome sleeper. A phone call woke me up half an hour ago, and I figured now is a better time to be blogging than when Jesse's awake and I can be spending time with him!

It has been such a wonderful weekend. Jesse and I woke up around 7:30 on Saturday morning, got up, made a beautiful array of a breakfast, and jumped right back in bed to enjoy the morning. We read together, watched a DVD on my laptop, and enjoyed our first home-made mimosas. Mmmm! :)

We went over to Momma B's house for dinner that night. She is all moved in now to her adorable little 1917 "Faerie" house as we call it, and wanted to have us over for a "finally moved in BBQ." What fun! I wish I had pictures of the house. I managed to leave my camera at home (I know--I know!). It is so cute. It kind of looks like the little cottage Sleeping Beauty was whisked away to with the fairies. It has some beveled glass windows that cast rainbows on the floor, beautiful wispy trees all over the yard, and a perfect little patio to have a BBQ.

Jesse's godparents, Jan and Robert, came too, and we had quite the feast! It was such a lovely time. Quite the way to initiate her new grill and patio table--let alone the cute new house!

Yesterday was Confirmation Sunday. We went to the public questioning that the 8th graders went through on Friday night, and got to see them take their first communion yesterday at church. I didn't grow up with "confirmation" being part of church life. It's a new thing to me!

We were invited to a party hosted by one of the parents yesterday after church. Their grandparents live right down the street from the church in one of the beautiful homes in that neighborhood. They had a lovely home, and it was a perfect place to host a party (I bet they do that often) :)

After the party, Jesse and I went to Walmart to pick up some things for our trip. We're just a little over a week away from setting off, and I want to make sure we have everything we need before we leave! Thankfully, our pastor offered to lend us a tent and anything else we need. Yesterday's shopping spree was mostly for non-perishable food (we're spoiling ourselves with treats that we rarely buy) and things like camping towels (we'd rather not borrow those!) It's going to be a wonderful trip!

We have nothing "planned" for today. Jesse doesn't have youth group tonight, so it's the first Monday he's spent with me all year! He hasn't canceled on any other holiday Mondays before, but after talking to all of the high schoolers, he realized that very few would actually be around. Yay for me!

We might go on a walk to the park, we might take advantage of the sales today and go shopping for summer clothes, we might do some gardening, I have no idea! There are endless possibilities. And it all starts as soon as someone wakes up :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh, Lovely, Busy, Windy Month of May!

May has been a very busy month! Jesse and I have had very little time to breathe as the school year comes to a close. End of the year events are popping up all over the place, and we are attending Curriculum Fairs, Achievement Awards, Fundraising Events, and all sorts of things! Up next are Confirmation ceremonies and graduations! It has been busy, but each event has been a wonderful thing, so we are blessed. Also, all of this busyness makes us even MORE excited about our anniversary trip in two weeks!

We went to the curriculum fair at church/school on Friday late afternoon. I had subbed that day, so I was tired, and the hot dogs they served outside weren't exciting to me (they never are!). It was fun to walk around the exhibits and see the work of about 80 children that I love and adore. That's one fun thing about being a regular sub at Hope--I'm getting to know all of the kids :)

I was ready to go after a little while, though, and when we got home, I crashed on the bed in Jesse's arms. Tired, hungry, and hot, I was fuzzy-brained and indecisive. After I go too long without food, I'm always that way! Jesse wooed me into a date night, however, and next thing I knew, he had chosen out clothes for me to wear and we were off!

We used a gift card to Applebee's that we had received and enjoyed full entrees (they have this great 2 for $20 deal right now!) and shared a drink. It surprised me, because I had been so tired and out of it, but a surprise date night like that was just what I needed! I love that Jesse knows me so well that sometimes he knows what's better for me than I do!

After dinner, we walked across the street to Block Buster and picked up a few movies (they were having a buy 2 for $10 deal!). After walking around for a bit, we headed home and popped in a movie as well as some popcorn and candy. What a great night!

We spent most of Saturday preparing our backyard for the C&C (college and career) Bible study BBQ that we hosted at our house on Saturday night. Here are some pictures!

Jesse and Tyler being "manly" outside with the grill :)

What a couple of hams!

The picnic table on our back patio worked perfectly! And the weather was great--a little warm, but not sweltering.

Jesse and I are so thankful for this group! When we first came to Hope, there was no
existing College and Career group. Now we have 10-15 people at the Bible Studies--what a blessing! This group is truly what makes me feel at home at Hope (besides my old lady fan club there--they are so adorable!). I'm so pleased with the way the group has developed, and what fun we have together! (As evidenced below...)

Good friends, good times!

After church on Sunday, Jesse and I joined Hope's annual Quakes minor league baseball game outing. The tickets included an all-you-can-eat buffet beforehand.
Jesse's final count:

4 hot dogs, 1 hamburger. (eeeew!)

Smiling at the buffet :)

Ok, but the big news is, Jesse and I are leaving for our anniversary trip in two weeks! Jesse has been over the Grand Canyon a myriad of times (to visit his dad) but has never actually visited it. It was a big family thing for me growing up, and I've been three times. I think it's a crime that he hasn't been there before!

I'm so excited about taking him. I've scoured the web for trip ideas, but I'm not finished yet. Here is a rough sketch of what our trip will look like:

On June 3rd, we'll get up bright and early and drive to Utah. Zion is one of my favorite places, so we'll camp there for two nights. That will give us some time to hike a few of the trails (the Emerald Pool trail looks gorgeous! 3 waterfalls and beautiful "emerald pools"--can't wait!) and do lots of sightseeing.
From there, we will drive down to the Grand Canyon and camp 2 nights there. I want to be there for a sunset and a sunrise (who knows if we'll actually make it to the latter! We'll see!)
For our last night--our anniversary!--we've made reservations at the Firelight Bed and Breakfast I have fallen in love with this place! It looks absolutely beautiful and I am so excited!

I'm really glad that we get to do something like this. Our honeymoon last year is hard to top, so we're not trying. We're just looking forward to some awesome sightseeing and a wonderful roadtrip. It's going to be so much fun!

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a lovely Mother's Day. Jesse and I hosted it at our house, which was a lot of fun. We had a full house! Mom and Dad came with Kate, Laura, Papa and Ami, and Bianca came, and Jon drove up from Biola.

Bianca, Papa, Ami, and Dad

Jesse and Kate "helping" with the chips and dip in the kitchen :)

Almost everyone!

There was so much food.

Dessert table...yum! It's always been a tradition to have angel food cake with strawberries on top at special family events. This was the first one I made myself! (Strawberries were still in the fridge)

Jesse brought tears to my eyes with this beautiful arrangement. I was certainly not expecting flowers for ME on Mother's Day! (And no--we're not expecting!)

Isn't he amazing? ♥ ♥ ♥

After dinner, Mom and Papa showed us his new toy: "Pinky" the voice recognition laptop. Mom programmed it to recognize family members' voices so that Papa can "hear" us when we speak to him (/read along. It looks like subtitles on a tv). We are so excited about the possibilities!

Then Jon showed us his newest bit of acting: a contest entry commercial for Tax Slayer. You can watch it here!

Momma B and Momma Mo showing their corsages that I made for them! I wish I had taken pictures of the process. I had lot of fun making them :)

Jon spent Mother's Day night with us to avoid campus for one more day (it's been a year, but we still sympathize with wanting a break at the end of the year!) And he "earned his keep" by helping Jesse install our new ceiling fan in our bedroom. It will make this summer so much more liveable!

Here they are working on the fan...

Jon left on Monday morning after a breakfast of sausage and scrambled eggs, and in the evening, Emily came over to spend the night! She drove up because one of her friends was showing her art at Biola, so I met her at the art show and then we drove back to my place. It was funny to be on campus, because I had just seen Jon that morning, and then I was at his school! He met us in the parking lot and helped us find the art show (we were completely lost--especially since I accidentally drove through the exit instead of the entrance in the first place!)

Em spent the night with us, and then the next morning, we lounged around in PJs literally until it was time for her to leave! But we did manage to be productive: check out her Cookie Pizza!

And a little bit of no-shower friend love :)

Jesse was at work when Em and I made the piece de resistance, but he sure enjoyed it when he came home! I'll put the recipe in my blog so you can try it if you want to!