Monday, January 4, 2010

The Best Way to Begin a New Year

One solitary day during Christmas break...

Where we didn't have a place we needed to be...

A thing we needed to do...

Other than just be.

Corona Del Mar is our favorite escape. We come alive at the water's edge--even if it's too cold to think about going in.

There's just something about sitting on a blanket in the sand, with Starbucks, favorite bagels, good books, and your best friend.

Thank You, God, that even during a Christmas break as crazy as ours, You gave us this day.

A day to smile...

And to be silly...

A day to enjoy the world You created for us.

And to enjoy the love You created for us

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years'

Jesse and I camped out on Colorado Blvd for the second time with our friends Jesse and Kelly.

The fun thing that was different between this time and last time was:

(ta daaaaaaaaaa)

Last year, when they were just dating, Jesse and I slept in the middle with Kelly on my side and Jesse on Jesse's side--this year, we all got to experience the beauty of double sleeping bags!

Here we are just after midnight:

The Sipans

My nose was so cold, I'm lucky that it didn't fall off!

These are the British party crackers that Kelly and Jesse brought. Our crazy tissue paper crowns came from inside of them!

The next morning, we were all set for the parade!

Pilot Chesley Sullenberger (The "Hero of the Hudson") was the Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade

This is the float that Jesse's youth group helped decorate...but the day they did that was the same day as Papa's funeral

This was one of my favorite floats...I just think it's so cute!

This was also one of our favorites...
How do you not smile when you see a pug dog snowboarding on Colorado Blvd? :)

And check it out--it's Jackie Chan!

We had a great time watching the parade

Happy New Year!