Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Pictures

I have spent hours going through our digital wedding photos today, and just posted five albums. Thought some of you would enjoy these too!

Reminiscing...June 8th, 2008

Girls Getting Ready


The Ceremony

The Reception


These albums are all uploaded to my facebook account, but you can access them even if you don't use facebook.

These pictures remind me how truly blessed we are with how many wonderful people gave so much to help it be a very special day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jesse's Birthday

Jesse's birthday was a wonderful day!

It began with a restful morning at home, and a huge birthday card from my kids as soon as he walked into work. Here's a picture of him with the early morning kids who worked on his card!

It says, of all hilarious things, "Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bethany's Husband!"
They all know full well who he is, but one of the girls coined the name a couple of weeks ago, and it's stuck ever since!

We were so excited that his birthday happened to be on a Thursday, because Thursdays are the only weeknight that he is actually home! We took it as a date night and watched GI Joe in at the theater (am I a good wife or what?!?) and went out to our favorite restaurant--Miyako Sushi!

One of the girls there offered to take our picture

Somebody's excited about his food :)

They even brought him ice cream and sang a Japanese "Happy Birthday!"

Kisses for the birthday boy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

23 ♥

Happy Birthday Jesse!

23 things I love about you...

♥ Your laugh
♥The way you can befriend anyone in 3 minutes flat
♥ When you sit next to me and play your guitar
♥ The way you know what I need (even when I don't)
♥ What an amazing job you've done at Hope
♥ What an indelible part of my family you have become
♥ The way you know that the two of us are now our own little family
♥ Watching you play with the kids at Hope--they adore you
♥ The way you respect others
♥ That you get up early with me to make breakfast for me before I leave for work
♥ The thoughtfulness you put into loving me
♥ Your smile
♥ Your excitement for things in life
♥ Holding your hand
♥ The way you and your mom are two peas in a pod!
♥ How cute and excited you get when you do something nice for me
♥ Your big hugs when you get home at night
♥ Your big hugs--in general! They make everyone smile :)
♥ Sitting next to you at church
♥ Spending days with you at the beach
♥ How willing you are to do things for other people
♥ What a wonderful leader you are
♥ How you take care of me in every situation and remind me that you love me

I can't believe this is only your third birthday that we have celebrated together. I'm so thankful for you, and I'm looking forward to being by your side for many, many more!

I love you!