Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a busy month, and the snowball effect always detains me from blogging when I feel like I get too far behind! I've got to work on that habit...

Anyway, by the end of September, we were all birthday-ed out! In the span of a few weeks, my family celebrates my Sister Kate's birthday on August 2nd, my brother Jon's on August 6th, Jesse's on August 20th, Papa Don's on August 22nd, Momma Bianca's on September 8th, and my birthday on September 27th. Whew!

On the Friday before my birthday, Jesse came to the school where I was subbing for 7 weeks (over as of Oct. 16th--I miss them). He surprised me with a vase of flowers and cookies for all of my students! What a guy :) The kids loved getting to meet "Mr. Brubaker" (the formality really threw Jesse off, but how can they have a Mrs. Brubaker who is married to Jesse? It doesn't work in their brains!). Jesse even read Green Eggs and Ham to them, to the delight of all!

Birthday flowers from my handsome guy!

That evening, family gathered at our house to celebrate the September birthdays--Momma B's and mine.

Here are some pictures from that evening:

Laura and Kate chilling on the couch

Then Mom stole Kate away to go over financial scholarships and all that fun stuff...

So Laura and I played with the camera.

Jesse joined us and started telling us to pose for different scenarios.

"Smile like someone just said you're pretty."

"Smile like someone just said your brother is cute."


Birthday cake!

Das Mommas

We had a good night!

On my actual birthday, Jesse and I went to Disneyland (yay for free birthday passes!) with our friends Tyler and Stacey Stover. The Stovers go to our church, and have been married about the same time we have. We love them!

Jungle Cruise!

Jesse was a dork and turned his hat inside out for Mr. Toad's crest ("Semper Absurda")

Group shot!

They gave me a birthday pin!

Jesse tried to get me to go out and do the birthday dance with all the birthday kids, but I'm a boring person.

I would much rather be right here!