Friday, September 24, 2010

Jesse's Birthday

My handsome man is 24! 

We drove up to Oxnard a few days before his birthday to celebrate his birthday and Papa Don's birthday with the Mueller clan.  Our fun family celebration was paired with an opportunity to see Laura and Dad perform in the musical, 1776.  What a fun day! cream cake!
The birthday boys!

How can a day not be fun when surrounded by all of these crazy people?  :-)


Kate is still in love with her monocle, and Jon is sporting his new "steampunk" goggles

Just a liiiiiiiiitle special :-)

After a wonderful dinner, lots of fun conversation, and some gift-giving (don't forget the cake!), we all drove up to Ojai to watch 1776.  What a talented group of people.  We were all so impressed by the musical that was directed and choreographed by high schoolers.  Laura played Martha Jefferson, which was so much fun to watch, and Dad got to play the part of the Reverend (man, that takes some serious acting!)  ;-)

On Jesse's actual birthday night, we got together with friends for dinner at BJ's and movies at the drive-in movie theater.  It was a great night!  (These photos are compliments of the amazing Greg Wilson)

Gathering friends

Mmmm...birthday pizzookie!

Cute birthday boy :-)

Since there was such a large group of us, we all brought lawn chairs and left the tailgates of our cars open so that we could hear the movie through the radio.  It worked!

Watching The Expendables at the drive-in
(do squinty eyes mean that another Brubaker needs glasses?)  :-)

The weekend after Jesse's birthday, we went to Redlands to celebrate with Momma B, Jan, and Bob.  We went to a teppan grill (my first time!)  It was amaaaaaaaazing.  The food was so good!  And it was fun to watch the chef put on such a great show for us.

Bob, Jan, and Jesse--excited about food!

Onion volcano--so cool!

Sushi and teppan grill in the same place? Amazing!

Happy boy with some birthday ice cream :-)

Such a fun night!

As you can see, we had a wonderful time celebrating Jesse's birthday!


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