Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anniversary Trip: Days 5 & 6

Our last two days of our vacation!

One can't stay at the McClelland-Priest Bed and Breakfast and forget about it!  We were so excited to find this place.  Jesse and I still hold onto our common dream (one we each had before we even met!) of having a bed and breakfast someday, so we love treating ourselves once a year to a night at one that fits into our budget.  We absolutely loved this one! 

The house itself was built in 1879 and just breathes of Victorian beauty and richness.

Our room was so beautiful, and it was quite the treat after spending most of our vacation in a tent!

I looooved the beautiful jet tub

The B&B was in quaint little downtown Napa and was a short walk away from anything we wanted to see.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner at a lovely little Italian restaurant, and then walked around some of the shops and down to the river.  It was such a beautiful night!  I'm excited to go back again sometime.  (I think we learned the lesson that you can't really pack Napa into a one night experience!)

Thank you, Celeste, for a wonderful time at your beautiful B&B!!!

After we said goodbye to our new friends in Napa Valley, we headed back down Highway 1 to Big Sur.  We had passed it days before on our way up, and the coastline was sooo beautiful that I couldn't wait to get back to it! 

Cute little squirrel!

Jesse kept having to remind me to keep my eyes on the road while I drove.  I couldn't help it!  There were so many beautiful things to see!  My heart just soars whenever I see the ocean.  And to drive up and down it for five hours at a time is like inland-dweller's therapy.  We need to do this trip more often.  Or just move.  Hmmm....   ;-)

We had time that night to set up camp...

and walk around a little bit...

see a pretty waterfall...

and a beautiful little shady glen...

 ...but we saved our exciting excursion to McWay Falls for the next morning.  We had seen reviews about it pop up many times during our online trip planning, and knew we had to go.  I'm so glad we did! 

If I could pick any location to place my dream house, I think it would have to be with this view:
The McWay waterfall cascades 80 feet off a cliff before landing directly in the surf during high tide.  What could be more beautiful? 

Jesse and I thoroughly enjoyed every sight we could see.  So many gorgeous things!

Jesse's first gift to me was a pair of Scottish thistle earrings with amethysts. 
Seeing the real thing on our anniversary trip made us both smile.

Taking in all of the beautiful scenery

I just don't think that seeing this every morning would ever get old!!!

Jesse running back from seeing what was up the trail.
(isn't he cute?!?)

*Just* another gorgeous view

We loved our 2nd anniversary trip!!!


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